About Steve and Anne

Welcome to Steve and Anne’s blog site.

If you like, you can follow us on our trek around Australia. Please feel free to stop in and join us for a drink and maybe stay a night or two if you are ever passing.

We would like to tell you a little about our new home on wheels and our intended journey (or as our daughter tells us our gypsy life style – in style).

We named the new motor home Stan and our blog site stanvandiesel. The name carefully..? chosen after a few drinks and laughs with friends.

St- Steve

an- Anne

Van Diesel – being a van that runs on diesel and also the actor Vin Diesel and the band “Diesel”.

We had wanted a more exotic Italian name like “La Dolcia Vita) “the sweet life” but Stan has grown on us, is considerably more Australian and is much easier to say.

Our tiny home is 7.5m. long, 2.5m. wide and 3.2m. tall. We have two bedrooms, one above the cab and another above the lounge room. There is a kitchen and dining area, a shower and toilet and a verandah out the back but no rocking chair. We will be towing our garage, a 3.2m Belco fully enclosed trailer, with our two bikes, accessories and tools.

Our plan is to see and experience Australia in a relaxed and semi retired state.