Ningaloo Coast, WA.

After setting up camp in Exmouth, we strolled into town, stopping for pics at the Big Prawn and Big Whale Shark and watching an emu steal a half a bread loaf from a campsite at the caravan park. Returning to camp we prepared for an excursion to Town Beach to view one of nature’s wonders, the “Stairway to the Moon”.

We rolled out the bikes this morning ready to explore Cape Range National Park. After parking the bikes we followed the path over the dunes to the Oyster Stacks and were confronted by the stunning beauty of this magnificent coastline and what better way to appreciate it than to hit the water with a dive mask and get up close to the coral and the diversity of fish life in the crystal clear, cool waters. Further up the coast we visited Turquoise Bay, allegedly the most beautiful beach in Western Australia, where we once again took to the water in the Drift snorkel area, floating in the tranquil waters, admiring natures handiwork. Next stop was the Lakeside snorkeling area where we stumbled upon two Euros sitting on the beach, an unusual sight.  To finish a stunning day we continued to the Vlamingh Head lighthouse to watch the sunset.

The following day we were booked in with Ningaloo Ecology Cruises Exmouth to do their two hour snorkelling and coral viewing bonanza on a glass bottomed boat where we donned our snorkel, goggles and flippers and slid into the cool, clear water to see the coral and many coloured fish, both large and small beneath us. We were lucky to spot Blue Angel fish, Convict surgeonfish, Blue-green Chromis, Butterfly fish, Parrot fish, White-tip reef sharks, a green turtle and many more fish. To complete our visit to the Ningaloo Coast, the next day we headed south to Coral Bay, an equally stunning part of the coast for a brief visit before moving on towards Carnarvon.

For a change of scenery the next day we spent a few hours of our time at the Carnarvon Space and Technology Museum, where we explored the final frontier. Here we learnt of the historic role Carnarvon played in supporting many space operations and its involvement in satellite communications. There were many interactive displays to educate and entertain, including a simulated blast off in an Apollo 11 capsule and the opportunity to try some authentic space food. We continued the day by driving into town along the wind swept, tree lined avenue to explore the historic 1 mile jetty and its associated tramway before calling stumps.



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