Horizontal Falls, W.A.

We were picked up this morning at our campsite and taken to the airport for the first part of our adventure to the Horizontal Falls, a picturesque sea plane ride over King Sound and into Talbot Bay. After a smooth landing we taxied over to the pontoons which would be the centre of activities for the day. The adventure started with the feeding of the Tawny Nurse sharks, regular visitors to the pontoons and for those who wished to, a swim in the adjoining shark proof enclosure. After enjoying coffee and cake for morning tea it was time to board “Jet Stream” a 900hp fast boat to first cruise up Cyclone Creek and admire the rugged and pristine beauty of the McLarty Range. Then it was time to put pedal to the metal and rocket over to the wide gap of the Horizontal Falls where we made several thrilling passes through the gap with its one metre tidal drop which was creating vast amounts of turbulence due to the high volume of water passing through the restriction. After many photos and much excitement we moved down to the narrow gap for another unique photo opportunity and more thrills. Unfortunately due to the excessively high tide the drop of over 2.5m was too large for the boat to safely negotiate, so we had to settle for some skillful manoeuvring by the boat driver which had the boat backed in close to the turbulent waters, allowing us to appreciate the power and intensity of the swiftly flowing waters. Back to the pontoons for lunch, a tasty barbequed Barramundi and salad then back for some more thrills at the wide gap of the Horizontal Falls and another look at the narrow gap which now had a 4m drop due to the maximum high tide, all very impressive and exciting. The day ended with another flight in the sea plane, returning to Derby via the Buccaneer Archipelago and King Sound, providing even more photo opportunities.



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