The Savannah Way

After the Bungle Bungles we continued on the Great Northern Highway (Savannah Way) heading west to Halls Creek where we had planned to visit Wolfe Creek Crater, the largest meteorite crater in Australia and second largest in the world. Upon arrival we settled STAN in at the caravan park and then prepared our bikes for tomorrows journey to Wolfe Creek along the unsealed Tanami road. The next day we headed off but after 26km we did not want to torture our bikes or ourselves any further, so admitted defeat and turned back, the road being far too rough and corrugated. Anne enjoyed the challenge of her first major ride on an Australian dirt road.  We opted for a shorter dirt route to the Old Halls Creek township, only 10km out from the town, There were some interesting historical sites dating back as far as 1889 and the more modern caravan park from the early 1900’s. After a chat with some regular visitors to the area we returned to camp.

We continued travelling west to Fitzroy Crossing and a visit to Geikie Gorge, which is a 360 million year old limestone reef from the Devonian period. Before arriving at the gorge we were fortunate enough to spot a couple of Brolgas feeding by the roadside. We did several walks including the 4.4km Jarrambayah trail which followed the Fitzroy river floodplain to the west wall of Geikie Gorge. It was an interesting walk with many varied rock formations and flora and even the odd fresh water crocodile basking on the riverbank.

Moving further west we spent a couple of nights free camping on our way to Derby, with each camp featuring Boab Trees. The first nights Big Boab Tree took centre stage of the camp area and was said to be approximately 1500 years old and made for an amazing photographic opportunity. The group of trees had melded together over the years to create one enormous tree but with a large internal cavity within the trunks and you could probably stand 10 people inside.


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